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We have been practising in the hair loss and cosmetic industry for over 25 years.

Our first goal at 100 Harley Street is to change the way patients think about hair loss and cosmetic procedures. Help them become better informed and give them the correct information on which procedures would be best for each individual.

The way we intend to do this is by working in conjunction with you the hairdresser or Barber, as you will be the first professionals that customers will come to with concerns. Or you yourself may notice a change in your client’s hair you will then have the knowledge to be able to help them obtain the correct course of treatment but at an affordable price for your customer.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to add an extra dimension and extra  income to your business.

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“I had my first baby at 19 and within 2 months of giving birth my hair started to fall out rapidly which was really scary. I tried everything from shampoo's, tablets and lotions but nothing worked. Then I was recommended 100 Harley Street by my doctor. The staff were really friendly but more importantly informed me what would and wouldn’t work. They decided hair replacement procedure would suit my condition best and I haven’t looked back. I have the head of hair I have always had.”

Samantha from Blackburn age 24

“I suffer from poly ovaries which started to affect the thickness and overall condition of my hair. I have been using a combination of herbal tablets and laser machine for just over 15 months and I can honestly say the results have been fantastic my hair is virtually back to where it was before my condition started"

Katie from Manchester (38)

“I suffered from thinning hair after my first pregnancy and went to my GP which wasn’t much help! I have been using the lasergen machine at home for 6 months now and results have been really good my hair loss has stopped and is starting to improve.”

Susan (33) from Bolton


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