About Us

Welcome to 100 Harley Street,

We have been practicing in the hair loss and cosmetic industry for over 25 years.

100 Harley Street Ltd was established by hair loss sufferers whose main aim was to give honest helpful advice and make hair loss treatments affordable to everyone.

One of the main reasons for this is unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information about hair loss from companies that are just interested in your money and not actually helping stop the actual problem.

The Laser treatment does not work for everybody and we will only recommend it to a patient if they have a very good chance of it being successful, however if you do not achieve the desired result we will supply you with an alternative treatment free of charge.


Our first goal at 100 Harley Street is to change the way patients think about hair loss and cosmetic procedures. Help them become better informed and give them the correct information on what procedures would be best for each individual.

We are the ONLY hair loss company who DO NOT sell shampoos as quite simply they cannot stop hair loss and are a waste of money.

The way we intend to do this is by working in conjunction with you the hairdresser or Barber, as you will be the first professionals that customers will come to with concerns. Or you yourself may notice a change in your client’s hair you will then have the knowledge to be able to help them obtain the correct course of treatment but at an affordable price for your customer.


This is a fantastic opportunity for you to add an extra dimension and extra  income to your business.

Help us help you bring Harley Street to your high street.

Here at 100 Harley Street we are here to help. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards

The 100 Harley Street team