Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair transplant or Hair replacement is our most popular treatment​. This works for males and females who want instant results using a non surgical procedure, and it is a permanent solution to hair loss. Our system works with your existing hair, to create a natural, full, head of hair in the exact style you want. The system is comfortable and totally undetectable. Once the system is fused into position, our expert stylists will cut the system into your preferred style.

We use hair replacement for both men and women suffering from any form of hair loss. We can help with all aspects of hair loss such as pattern baldness, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, thinning hair, and Cancer and Leukemia patients. Hair replacement will change your life. It will give you your confidence back, make you look years younger and give you the option to choose the exact hairstyle you like. ​

Before and After