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  • The LaserGen DS120 uses Low Level Laser Light Therapy to treat androgenic alopecia (male- and female-pattern baldness). The lasers penetrate the scalp enhancing circulation and blood flow to the hair follicle. More blood flow means more nourishment and this liquid sustenance leads to healthy hair growth.
  • It involves the safe and effective delivery of energy to where it’s needed most; attracting important nutrients to the follicle, whilst taking away waste products such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone by-product that weakens the hair to such an extent that it thins away to nothing.  With increased production of keratinised cells within each follicle, hair becomes thicker, stronger and regains its natural condition.
    The LaserGen DS120
  • The LaserGen DS120 is a portable hair therapy unit you can use to stimulate new hair growth within existing hair follicles.
  • Discretion is assured as it’s compact enough to store and use in the privacy of your own home. Most people who have the laser experience not only see improved appearance but experience greater hair density and coverage as well.
  • Unlike hand held, cap, or even helmet units that use a limited number of lasers (51 the maximum), the LaserGen DS120 has 125 lasers, more than the models used in hair treatment clinics around the globe.
  • The technology behind the LaserGen DS120 is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is completely safe and has no side effects. Watch our video to learn more about how the LaserGen DS120 works.



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