DHT Blocker Inhibitor & hair Nutrition

100HS DHT Blocker Inhibitor & Hair Nutrition


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Helps control DHT- the number one cause of hair loss from affecting your follicles with our patented DHT inhibitor and hair nutrition, an advanced herbal alternative to propecia that thickens hair with no side affects and is safe for both men and women.


DHT COMPLETE, is a clinically developed herbal supplement designed, to block DHT and give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow fuller and thicker.

It provides the hair with clinically proven hair thickening vitamins,minerals and nutraceuticals.

It has also been proven that DHT Inhibitor can also reduce ear hair growth for some men.

Our team of medical professionals have worked with one of the world’s largest nutritional companies and a large hair care manufacturer to blend together DHT inhibitors, essential vitamins and minerals for hair loss.

6 -12 month’s supply recommended.


3 MONTHS £74.99

6 MONTHS £129.00

12 MONTHS £219.00


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