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Thread Lift | Mini Facelift

Mini facelift (also known as Weekend Face Lift, the s-lift, short-scar facelift, thread lift or mini-lift) is a popular minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic combined with a sedative to reduce sagging skin, wrinkles or other signs of ageing process in the lower part of the face, typically the jowls, chin and neck.

It is particularly valuable for younger patients in their forties, fifties and also for secondary (second time) facelift:The word ‘mini’ in mini-facelift stands for the ‘mini scar’ and the ‘mini recovery period’. Mini face lifts accomplishes many goals of a traditional full facelift, however in cases of more severe drooping neck and jowl skin, a full facelift which treats all sections of the face provides a better, longer lasting result compared to a mini facelift. A mini facelift is a very safe procedure and can also be combined with additional procedures such as fat transfer and eyelid surgery to get a complete youthful appearance.


The process

The procedure can be performed through small incisions around the ears and the length of incision is approximately one-half of a traditional facelift incision. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia with or without mild sedation. The complete procedure takes anywhere between 40-90 minutes. It can be performed through two different methods, either individual or combined.

  • Anterior mini
  • Posterior mini

The anterior mini is for individuals concerned about their lower face, whereas the posterior mini is (sometimes referred to as a mini neck lift) for those who wants to improve the appearance of their neck and jowl area.

Generally the surgeon separates the skin from the fat and muscle below. The skin is lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened, repositioned and excess fat may be trimmed or suctioned from around the neck and chin to improve the contour. After this surgeon securely stitches the layers of tissue and closes the incisions around the ear. Some doctors complete one side of the face at a time, and others move back and forth between the sides. The exact placement of incisions and the sequence of events depends on your facial structure and your surgeon’s technique.

Mini facelift can also be done by thread lifts. The procedure can be best performed by using polydioxanone (PDO) thread-a synthetic absorb-able surgical suture, which not only tighten your skin but also stimulates collagen synthesis along the suture line to rejuvenate a “tired” appearance. It involves the following steps:

  • The PDO suture thread loaded needle is injected into the dermis at the prescribed facial area.
  • The loop end of the thread is fixed to the target fascia and the needle is then withdrawn leaving the thread along the needle tract.
  • The surgeon gently presses the skin in the direction of desired lift while holding the lower ends of the threads.

In the same manner multiple PDO threads are placed in a cross-hatching manner to achieve the desired effect.


The outcome

This procedure will help to re-establish facial balance as it tighten and eliminate sagging skin, giving an overall lift to the neck and lower third of the face and rejuvenate a “tired” appearance. The effect of a Mini-lift basically depends on the strength of the facial tissues of the patient. If the tissue – skin, muscles, fat, connective tissue – is very slack, then a more extensive face and neck lift is necessary to achieve the most beautiful and natural result. Generally, the result lasts 5-10 years or more depending on patient’s lifestyle.The mini-lift doesn’t stop the aging process but you will look ten years younger than you would without the treatment.The recovery period for this procedure is fast only 7 to 14 days, there is minimal swelling and very few side-effects.Patients wear a bandage for 48 hours. Sutures are removed after one week leaving no or mini scar.When mini facelift is performed by PDO thread therapy the best result can be seen within four to six months when collagen has formed naturally around the biodegradable threads and the result lasts between 2-3 years.

Mini Facelift

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* Notice:
The outcomes of surgical and other procedures may vary between patients. Whilst all treatments are carried out professionally and to the highest standard, permanent results cannot be guaranteed.




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