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Bringing Harley Street to Your High Street

Dear Business Owner,

Would you like to add an extra income stream to your business that would take up hardly any of your time or space?

You must be aware of the massive business in hair loss treatment!

We would like to end this just being particular to Harley Street and major city clinics.

Be the first in your high street to offer treatments locally for this devastating problem!

Have your own LaserGen 120 Machine in your Salon!


Or Join Our Referral Programme For No Cost!

We would normally charge £50.00 for a “Hair Health Check” to assess which treatment is the best option for the client. We are offering that you charge them £25.00 for a “Hair Health Check” that we do at our clinic and you keep the £25.00 booking fee!



Bringing Harley Street to Your High Street


Business Opportunities Partnering with Bringing Harley Street to Your High Street

Our Plan

The LASERGEN 120 Machine is £2,500.00 inc VAT for 2018 ONLY. Our normal price for this machine is £3,500.00 EXC VAT, this special offer price includes full training and a Business Partnership with Bringing Harley Street to Your High Street. You do not have to find £2,500.00 up front, we have a payment plan in place!


What we are trying to do at Bringing Harley Street to Your High Street is to make Hair loss treatments affordable but also available on all High Streets throughout the UK.

Be Part Of This Exciting New Innovation And Become One Of Our Partners As We Will Only Be Selecting ONE SALON From Each High Street Or Area.

Income Revenue

All hair loss clinics in the UK will charge they’re customers between £2,000 and £3,000 for 6 – 12 months of laser therapy treatment. We are currently charging our Partners between £600 – £1,200 for 6 – 12 months treatment, giving our customers a minimum of 50% discount. This is brings in a great revenue for you!


Say you had 10 customers on a 6 month course, they could all pay up front which totals £6,000, or we have a monthly program where they pay £100 per month bringing in a revenue of £1,000 per month for you. We will help you to market the treatment and we would expect once established each business to have at least 20-40 customers at one time.

This really is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to bring a new avenue to your business and something that is affordable to business but also to the customer.

Let’s bring Harley Street to your high street, for more information contact David Lewis on

07500 693 481

Or email us at

Introducing LASERGEN for YOUR customers


The LaserGen DS120

The LaserGen DS120 is a compact, discrete and affordable unit that stimulates hair growth. Small enough to use in the privacy of your own home, the LaserGen DS120 uses Low Level Laser Light Therapy (sometimes referred to as a ‘Cold Laser’ to stimulate increased activity within existing hair follicles.

The laser light from the LaserGen DS120 penetrates the scalp, enhancing circulation and blood flow to the hair follicle. More blood flow means more nourishment and this liquid sustenance leads to healthy growth.

Unlike hand help, cap or even helmet units that use a limited number of lasers (51 the maximum) and in some cases can be cheap imports which use (LED’s) Diodes that do little in the way of hair growth. The LaserGen DS120 has 120 lasers, more than most modes used in hair treatment clinics around the globe.

The technology is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the LaserGen DS120 is completely safe and has no side effects.

Who is it suitable for?

This type of hair loss therapy will only work if active follicles pr ‘peach fuzz’ is present. If you are smooth bald, LaserGen’s hair therapy products and treatments are not for you.

How can LaserGen help my customers

With consistent use, the LaserGen DS120 can thicken existing hair by approximately 40%. Unfortunately, follicles that are no longer active cannot institute new growth but with continued treatment you will have the advantage of holding onto your original hair and have the possibility of thickening fine hair – hair that has miniaturised, appearing as ‘peach fuzz’.

Your clients must continue use of the LaserGen in order to retain hair growth, therefore you either get a long term customer or they buy a LaserGen machine for which you get commission.



We are not just looking to sell you a machine and leave you to get on with it!

We are looking to create a LONG TERM business partnership with you including selling our other products and most importantly PAYING YOU REFERRAL FEES for any of your clients that purchase their own LaserGen machine or opt for hair transplants or hair replacement treatment.

Let’s bring Harley Street to your high street, for more information contact David Lewis on

07500 693 481

Or email us at

Bringing Harley Street to your High Street